Hello Fellow Science Fiction Enthusiasts!

Ripples in Space is looking for your flash science fiction stories (maximium 1500 word count) to be featured on our newly launched weekly podcast! 

-Previously unpublished works only

-Simultaneous submissions allowed

-Please NO Fanfiction or copyrighted characters 

Hello, fellow science fiction enthusiasts!

RIS wants to try a collaborative form of storytelling. What will this look like? 

Well,  Ripples in Space is looking for your short fiction stories (maximium 2000 word count) to be featured on a Wednesday weekly podcast...starting with a pilot story which will introduce characters and a world on which to build each weekly segment.  Think "Charles Dickens meets Stargate" with a hint of whatever each author brings to the table.

What's cool about this? Each podcast will change weekly depending on the submission chosen, provided it is within the guidelines, picking up where the previous chapter left off. 

We aren't sure yet how long a "season" will run, but like with all good serials, as long as the story continues to develop in an engaging manner, it could run a good long time.

Each selected author will have a brief bio read before the new segment begins. This podcast will alternate with our Sunday weekly flash fiction.

What do we need right now? A pilot, to be chosen by our editorial staff. Send us your best beginnings. 

While we will charge a nominal submission fee, please know that it goes to support the journal. 

Also, this is a fluid process as we begin this new adventure, so know that things might change.

Thanks for being a part of all things RIS.

Ripples In Space